Consider an appointment

In many ways, pediatric medicine is still an old fashioned art. Families ask questions, doctors examine patients, and together we talk about ways to approach a problem. Our knowledge base is always growing, of course, and the answers may change over time, but sometimes there is just no substitute for an appointment with the doctor. If your question is very specific, or a bit complex, or the patient appears ill and the question more urgent, we will generally recommend coming into the office. Remember we will always make time to see sick patients for same day appointments when necessary.

Quick Questions and Follow-Up

Still, sometimes people really do have quick or simple questions, and our staff is always ready to help if they can. Just call the office and leave a message for one of our nursing staff.

Response time may vary depending upon the level of activity but, in general, morning questions will be returned before lunch and afternoon questions will be returned before the end of the day. Be sure to leave phone numbers where you can be reached for the next few hours. It is also helpful to leave the patient’s birth date and spell the last name. There is a separate message line for routine medication refills. These are typically done at the end of the day.

We also accept questions or medication refills by email using the form below.

We realize that for some people this is a more convenient way to contact us. However, please know that these messages will still be returned by phone in the same manner, so please be sure to include the best way to reach you by phone. Also indicate either “Nursing Question” or “Medication Refill” in the subject line. The nurses are not permitted to respond by email to medical questions.

This form is for non-urgent medical questions only. Email messages sent after 4 pm may not be returned until the next regularly scheduled business day.

Emails will not be returned on weekends or holidays.

If your question is more urgent, you should call the office (203-265-9890).