Call to schedule! Dates available beginning 9/15/2020. 

We are getting ready to begin our yearly flu shot clinics.. However, the Coronavirus pandemic has presented certain unusual challenges. This year, even more so than prior years, there are strong reasons to provide flu shots to all children age 6 months to 18 years. It is widely expected that winter conditions will worsen our problems with Coronavirus and those conditions will be compounded if we have a bad flu season. So, please, we want everyone who can to get a flu shot this year.

Unfortunately, the high volume of traffic required to conduct a flu shot clinic will be difficult without using the waiting room, which we are trying to avoid. (See previous posts) And so, we are going to try something new- A DRIVE THRU FLU SHOT CLINIC!

The idea here is that staff will set up a tent in the parking lot. You can drive right up to it get your shot without entering the office at all. If the patient is seated near a door, in short sleeves or short pants, you may not even need to get out of the car! The hope is that we can get them done more quickly and safely while maintaining physical distancing outdoors. Of course, anyone who prefers may step out of the car into our tent and children with centrally placed car seats will need to come out as well. Everyone should be sure to wear a mask.

There are some planning logistics to work out, so we are going to offer to small clinics with limited space to start and then expand when we think we have the logistics worked out. As always, safety is our top priority but we are hopeful that this will offer a good solution at this difficult time. The AAP has recommended that everyone get their flu shots before November if possible, so lets get started.

Give the office a call to schedule. 203-265-9890