We have made it through a long summer here at PMOW, and we want to thank everyone who may have waited longer than usual.

Waiting at doctor’s offices is a perennial problem with many causes, but the recent addition of computerized medical records has slowed things down considerably for us.  Check-in takes longer for anyone not yet in the new system, the first PE takes longer as we create a completely new medical record for all of our patients, and the staff is still learning the new systems which are not yet operating “bug-free”. We did slow our scheduling down for the first part of the summer, in anticipation of the learning curve, but that only made everything more crunched in the end.

The good news is that we are getting faster and the new system should eventually bring many efficiencies for all of our patients.  I think the e-prescribing has been very popular. But change is sometimes slow and difficult, and we do want everyone to get the time they need. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.