And so it begins again.  Our supply of flu vaccine has arrived and we can begin booking the flu shot clinics.  Please call the office during regular hours to book a time to come in.  We have both injectable as well as nasal vaccine, and all of our vaccine is preservative free.

As in the past, if you have an upcoming appointment for a routine physical (check-up), there is no need to book an additional appointment.  Flu vaccine can be given at that time.  However, primarily because of nursing staffing limitations, we will not be offering flu vaccine during urgent or sick visits.  Rather, we encourage most people to come to one of our flu shot clinics over the next few months.  We expect to have a variety of times available.  Weekdays and weekends.  Afternoons and evenings.  So hopefully we can find something that will fit with everyone’s schedule.  Better to call early, though.

Remember, flu shots are strongly recommended for young children and anyone with a history of respiratory disease. (Think asthma!)  Children under 6 months are too young to be given the vaccine, so it is especially important to vaccinate other members of the household.