We have begun scheduling flu shots for the 2012-2013 flu season!  Hold the applause, please.

As in previous years, these appointments will primarily be done through specialized flu shot clinics. (There is just no way to accommodate the high demand during regular hours.) We will attempt to offer a variety of dates over the next two months, both weekdays and weekends, daytime as well as evening. And we will continue to add dates as the season proceeds.  Please call for availability.

Flu shots will also be available during regularly scheduled physicals over the next few months as supply permits, but there is not usually enough nursing staff to do flu shots during ill visits.  Most patients should try to find a flu shot clinic that fits their schedule.

Unlike recent years, we will no longer be sending out postcards to previous recipients.  This process has proven too cumbersome and did not allow us to update the available supply of different vaccines.  Updates will be posted here and on Facebook as needed.  We currently have all 6 of our flu shots in stock: traditional and Flumist, over 3 and under 3, private and state supplied.  As of this year, however, as readers of previous blog posts may already be aware (see 6/19/12),  a new state mandate is changing the way we must source our vaccines and this may affect supplies later in the season.

We know you’ve been waiting for it. So let the madness begin!  😉