It has begun again: the annual frenzy we call flu shot season.

We now have the first shipments on hand for all of our flu vaccines and we are starting to book appointments. (Unlike adult practices, we typically need to stock 6 or 7 different kinds of vaccine for different patient populations.  And, of course, they ship from different sources at different times with varying availability during the season.)  Now is the best time to call and schedule your appointment.  We will keep this site updated as vaccine availability changes.

Because of the high volume, flu vaccine is generally given out during special “flu vaccine clinics” where we are only doing flu shots.  If you would like your child to be seen by one of our doctors, you should book that appointment separately.  We currently are booking three evenings and one daytime clinic, although we expect to add more dates as the season progresses and more vaccine arrives.  Flu vaccine can also be given at regularly scheduled check-ups over the next few months where we might normally be doing other vaccines, but we will generally not do flu vaccines at ill visit appointments.

If you want flu vaccine this season, please call for an appointment.