Now that the weather is getting warmer we are starting to see more bicycles on the road.  Bicycles provide great exercise for kids.   They help develop motor skills, balance, and a sense of independence.   It’s a good idea to make sure bike helmets still fit and remind your children how important it is to wear their helmets whenever they ride.

A few things to keep in mind:

1) Most bicycle accidents occur close to home.   Children should wear a helmet every time they get on a bicycle.  Be consistent in your expectations.
2) Use both positive and negative reinforcement.   Reward and praise children for remembering to wear their helmets on their own, and temporarily remove bicycle privileges if they refuse.
3) Consider wearing a bicycle helmet yourself.   Often the best way to encourage behavior is to model it yourself.   Remember all the pros wear them.  (If it’s good enough for Lance Armstrong…)
4) When all else fails, it’s not just a good idea.   It is the law in Connecticut.   Senate Bill 597, subsection (b) of section 14-286d.   All children under 15 must wear a bicycle helmet.  Period.

Now, go out and have some fun!