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Are vaccines safe?
As a practice, we always put the safety of our patients first. All of the vaccinations we routinely use have been studied extensively. We believe they are both safe and critically important to the health of children. If you have questions about vaccine safety, you should come in and talk with one of our doctors. We will always do our best to address any concerns, but we strongly believe routine childhood vaccinations are among the most important health benefits we can provide for our children.
Is fever dangerous?

Fever is seen more commonly in children than adults, and after 3 months of age, it should usually be considered a normal response to infections, even minor ones. By itself, fever is not dangerous, although children with persistent fever should be examined to see if they have a treatable infection or a more serious problem. More on fevers in children

Do cold symptoms respond to antibiotics?
Usually not. Antibiotics are powerful drugs, but they only treat bacterial illnesses. Many childhood infections are viral and do not improve with antibiotics. However, overuse of antibiotics can cause serious problems, like drug resistance and allergic reactions. We always try to target medication use in children to those times when we believe it is most likely to be helpful.
How often should my child have a physical?
That depends a bit on who you ask. We believe that every child older that 2 years ought to have an annual routine physical, at least until they are fully grown. At these visits we monitor growth and development, discuss nutrition, exercise, and safety, attend to routine vaccination, and complete periodically recommended screening tests. Schools, day care facilities, camps, and other groups can all have their own rules regarding frequency, and medical insurance can have unrelated standards as to what they consider a “covered benefit” under your plan.
What if I have to cancel?
We request at least 24 hours prior notice if you cannot make a previously scheduled appointment. We will do our very best to reschedule you quickly for a more mutually convenient time.
Can you waive my co-pay?
Sadly not. Co-pays (and co-insurance and deductibles) are determined by your insurance plan. They can vary widely and are beyond our control. Under most plans, it would be considered fraudulent to bill insurance for a doctor visit and not collect the co-pay. The only way to waive a co-pay is to waive the cost of the entire visit.
Why are visits related to the same illness billed separately?
n some, mostly surgical, specialties, follow-up visits are expected routinely for good medical care. In these situations, doctors can use a “global billing” code which provides a higher payment up-front but includes subsequent visits for the same problem or procedure. However, most of these codes cannot be used in pediatrics. Thus, the up-front payments are smaller and subsequent visits are not included. We don’t make the rules, but we do have to play by them.
Why do doctors always run late?
Well, not always, but it is often unavoidable because we cannot predict the complexity of some problems before patients arrive and the need to accommodate medical emergencies as they occur. You can help by coming five minutes before your scheduled time and calling ahead for appointments.
What about school and day care forms?
We fill these out routinely. Just drop them at the front desk and we can have them ready for you within 2 working days.
How do I make an appointment?
Nothing could be simpler.  Just call 203-265-9890.  Sick visits are seen the same day by whichever doctor is available.  We prefer if you call ahead, as it means less waiting time for everyone, but we can accommodate walk-ins as well.  Routine physicals are scheduled in advance with the doctor of your choice.  For continuity, we encourage families to keep these visits with the same provider whenever possible.

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