Our flu shot season is well under way here, but as usual, there are some snags that I wanted to address.  We are hard at it already, having given out nearly 400 or so with another 700 already booked in the upcoming weeks. There is no sign of any shortages, so please call if you want to come in. Keep in mind that the State has taken over vaccine supply for children under 5 and we can only order one month at a time.

Now, I realize everyone wants to come in and get them done right away, but we do have some practical limitations on the numbers we can handle on top of our usual sick visits and routine physicals. Unfortunately, one of our nurses needed to take a medical leave over the past 2 weeks, which has slowed things down a bit, but these things happen. We expect her back by the end of the month, after which we should be able to move things along a bit faster. In the meantime, we have a number of people pitching-in in various ways and our extraordinary chief nurse seems to be moving faster than the human eye can easily track.

I have asked the front office to take a list of names for anyone who wishes to come in sooner than the next available flu clinic, and we will do our best to add on slots where we can. Influenza season rarely begins before December and we expect everyone will have a chance to get vaccinated well before then.  As always, we appreciate your patience and the trust you place in us. Be well.